Nostalgia Stirs: St Xavier’s College, Fort

This is St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, exactly the way I saw it, in a series of illustrations done of the campus, featuring me in all of the scenes.

                                                                     Number One

untitled (1 of 3)

The quadrangle was an interesting place; all of the galleries and passageways could be seen when you sat right in the middle of it, as I usually did for lunch. It was fun to be able to see most of the college from one spot, and to see people scuttling about in the corridors busily.

                                                                    Number Two

untitled (2 of 3)

Sometimes I wonder if the passageway that led to my classroom became as much of a home as the classroom itself, considering how much time I spent standing outside, punished.

                                                                  Number Three

untitled (3 of 3)

Quite officially christened ‘The Hogwart’s Staircase’, this is where I’d bring all my non-xavierite friends to show off my college architecture.


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