An Autopsy of Ambition

Introduction- The sequence   There are three steps to breaking a man. The first is introduce desire. Make him want something so hard his insides turn with the prospect of having it. Make him yearn for it, live for it, be ready to die for it. Make it the only thing he can think of…Read more An Autopsy of Ambition


Of Wooden Limbs and Lifeless Love

The day was done. After 24 hours of bustling crowds and raucous children crying for candy and teenagers seeking for a refuge from the watchful eyes of of the judgmental aged behind the caravans with flaking paint, the original inhabitant of the the carnival glided back in, as it did every night. In a matter…Read more Of Wooden Limbs and Lifeless Love

Humanity and Hope.

H The sky was red with the angst of souls that yearned for my embrace. The ground was red with the blood of innocence, and the eyes of men were red with the pain of having lost and the bloodlust of having taken lives, yet, in that summer of 1939, when I cast my gaze…Read more Humanity and Hope.