Rekhacha Patra – A Short Film

A short film written and directed for the course ‘Elements of Direction’ by Srishti School of Art, Design and technology.  

Falling Apart in Silence

  Transcript: There’s nothing loud about the ways in which a home falls apart. There are no.. bricks falling, protection helmets, well-planned demolition crews on their way, this isn’t the story of a cleanly executed erasing of memories, because the way in which a home falls apart sounds like wet, soft cotton being pulled apart….

Sitting On The Coastlines: Auroville Aftermovie

Quite a simple put-together of random shots I’d taken while in the place itself, this movie was made when the teachers of the course gave us a single evening to make a presentation of our experiences in Auroville. Obviusly, I didn’t want to make a presentation, so this movie was the culmination of that Assignment….

The Anatomy Of A Memory

Utility. Accessibility. Context. Interactions. All of these are elements that designers use as templates in order to design a place out of a space. But on closer observation, it becomes evident that these form only the upper tier in a two-tier process of such a transformation occurring. What’s underneath – ┬áleading this process, shaping this…