Panchgani 2018

A small film made more as an afterthought from footage collected over two days in Panchgani, India. This trip took place in the month of April, just before the monsoons hit, and it should be kept in mind that the monsoon are easily the best time to visit this hillstation, as year-long starved hillsides burst…

Rekhacha Patra – A Short Film

A short film written and directed for the course ‘Elements of Direction’ by Srishti School of Art, Design and technology.  

Falling Apart in Silence

  Transcript: There’s nothing loud about the ways in which a home falls apart. There are no.. bricks falling, protection helmets, well-planned demolition crews on their way, this isn’t the story of a cleanly executed erasing of memories, because the way in which a home falls apart sounds like wet, soft cotton being pulled apart….

Sitting On The Coastlines: Auroville Aftermovie

Quite a simple put-together of random shots I’d taken while in the place itself, this movie was made when the teachers of the course gave us a single evening to make a presentation of our experiences in Auroville. Obviusly, I didn’t want to make a presentation, so this movie was the culmination of that Assignment….

The Anatomy Of A Memory

Utility. Accessibility. Context. Interactions. All of these are elements that designers use as templates in order to design a place out of a space. But on closer observation, it becomes evident that these form only the upper tier in a two-tier process of such a transformation occurring. What’s underneath – ┬áleading this process, shaping this…