Home: An Experimental Photo Series

The concept intends to look at an individual's natural state of being as Home. The way your limbs tend to rest upon each other, the expressions one has alone, locked inside their room, the curvature of their spine when no one is looking - all of these unconscious actions that bodies naturally gravitate before. However,…Read more Home: An Experimental Photo Series


Hon Hon Baguette Baguette Oui: Pondicherry, 2016

That is honestly a compilation of the only french words I know, and Pondicherry being Pondicherry, I just assumed it would fit. Just a few corrections before I begin this Travelogue: Technically, my Auroville/Pondicherry visit was a study trip, so calling this a travelogue isn't exactly appropriate. But, you're reading from a guy with this as…Read more Hon Hon Baguette Baguette Oui: Pondicherry, 2016