Hon Hon Baguette Baguette Oui: Pondicherry, 2016

That is honestly a compilation of the only french words I know, and Pondicherry being Pondicherry, I just assumed it would fit. Just a few corrections before I begin this Travelogue: Technically,┬ámy Auroville/Pondicherry visit was a study trip, so calling this a travelogue isn't exactly appropriate. But, you're reading from a guy with this as…Read more Hon Hon Baguette Baguette Oui: Pondicherry, 2016


Humanity and Hope.

H The sky was red with the angst of souls that yearned for my embrace. The ground was red with the blood of innocence, and the eyes of men were red with the pain of having lost and the bloodlust of having taken lives, yet, in that summer of 1939, when I cast my gaze…Read more Humanity and Hope.