Home: An Experimental Photo Series

The concept intends to look at an individual's natural state of being as Home. The way your limbs tend to rest upon each other, the expressions one has alone, locked inside their room, the curvature of their spine when no one is looking - all of these unconscious actions that bodies naturally gravitate before. However,…Read more Home: An Experimental Photo Series


How NOT to Plan a Trip With Friends: Coorg, 2016

Some of the best trips in the world begin in the worst ways possible, and looking back, I'm proud to say that Coorg was one of them.¬†Everything that could possibly go wrong, went wrong, and everything that could brilliantly, coincidentally, absolutely mindboggling-ly go right, also went right. Here's how: It all began with the bright…Read more How NOT to Plan a Trip With Friends: Coorg, 2016

Photowalks From the Land of The Rising Sun

Around 6 months have passed since I came back. Japan, and the essence of its cities of Tokyo and Kyoto should be old news. The experiences should have been folded up and packed away at the back of my mind, all jumbled up like the lazy tourist's suitcase at the end of a ten-day vacation,…Read more Photowalks From the Land of The Rising Sun

Goa – The ‘what’s and ‘where’s

There's a plethora of ways to describe Goa, each more contradictory to the last and yet, each more honest than the last. The description of the place basically comes down to the story of the 5 blind men and the elephant, each of whom touched the elephant in different places and came up with their…Read more Goa – The ‘what’s and ‘where’s

Sucky Camera, Sucky Lighting, Sucky Skills

As the title suggests, if you could somehow quantify my skills at photography in different aspects of the art and somehow add all of these up to get an estimate of how skilled I am at photography, then proceed to multiply the resulting number by 100, you would arrive at a grand total of 0.…Read more Sucky Camera, Sucky Lighting, Sucky Skills