I Never Said

There is a sentence, in English, which means 7 different things based on the word you decide to stress upon, and if you think english is a funny language, you're going to find this relationship downright hilarious. Here goes - *I*never said she stole my heart, but a hundred thousand four hundred and eighty three…Read more I Never Said


Home: An Experimental Photo Series

The concept intends to look at an individual's natural state of being as Home. The way your limbs tend to rest upon each other, the expressions one has alone, locked inside their room, the curvature of their spine when no one is looking - all of these unconscious actions that bodies naturally gravitate before. However,…Read more Home: An Experimental Photo Series

The Anatomy Of A Memory

Utility. Accessibility. Context. Interactions. All of these are elements that designers use as templates in order to design a place out of a space. But on closer observation, it becomes evident that these form only the upper tier in a two-tier process of such a transformation occurring. What's underneath -  leading this process, shaping this…Read more The Anatomy Of A Memory